It's time to get smart at the security game


The need to focus on protecting the sensitive information that allows iGaming operators to exist is stronger than ever. With Cyber attacks on the rise, iGaming operaters need to protect their customers by taking steps to protect their personal information.  Supporting a more strategic approach to security, the imminent arrival of GDPR goes some way to addressing this, but compliance is only part of the solution.

The other part? Preparation and visibility. How? By having a robust, efficient, workable cyber security strategy in place, one that ensures the players and operators’ data is secured and protected from the advancing threat landscape. 

ZoneFox’s User Entity Behaviour Analytics with machine learning automatically learns “normal” user behaviour, and then detects the “unknown unknowns” to alert you in real time to any anomalous activities – so you can act fast before issues become big problems.

Could UEBA be the way to go for your iGaming operation? If you’re looking to outwit the cybercriminals after the data you’ve been entrusted to protect, the answer is yes!

Read more on the ZoneFox blog or grab the Security for iGaming whitepaper.