Protecting against the Insider Threat

Having visibility of your data and where it’s going is just part of protecting your organisation’s Intellectual Property (IP).  Knowledge of where potential threats and breaches can come from is key, including understanding what forms the insider threat can take.  The insider threat is a major concern in cybersecurity today, for good reason.  Users within many organisations have access to more data than they need, and confidential data is often left unprotected by security controls which aren't fine-tuned.

What is the Insider Threat?

To fully understand the insider threat, we can categorise them into malicious, intentional, and threats which are accidental or a result of carelessness.  Whether this is a user innocently uploading documents to their personal cloud storage for access later, or a malicious user intentionally attempting to steal data for a competitor, both scenarios open up data to potentially insecure locations, risking loss of the organisation’s sensitive data and valuable IP.


Insider Threat Profiles

Understanding the insider threat is one of the trickiest parts of managing the risk. Take a look at the ZoneFox profiles to help find potential insiders in your organisation.

#1 – The Disgruntled Employee

It’s hard to tell if your employees have picked up bad habits when it comes to security, whether an unhappy employee is destroying key data, or a leaver is planning to take important customer details with them to a new role.


#2 – The Careless Employee

Leaving a screen unlocked, writing passwords on sticky notes, or letting strangers tailgate when she swipes into the office, there are Careless Carolines everywhere letting the bad guys in.


#3 – The Corporate Spy

From a human perspective, corporate espionage is tricky to detect. So what forms can it take? It's not as complex as you might think.


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