Natasha Munro

Natasha Munro


Is your data being walked out of the door?

20th November 2018

You’ve probably spent thousands. Invested heavily in various technical solutions, all in a bid to secure and protect your network. So why are you still finding yourself becoming a victim of security incidents?

Maybe because Sandra from accounts has just walked out the front door with a USB full of employees’ details. Sounds all too familiar right? That’s because, that’s exactly what Andrew Skelton did, the disgruntled former employee of supermarket chain Morrisons, who later went on to publish those details online.

Now, no one knows what Sandra’s intentions are. Are they malicious? Is she intending to leak the details like Andrew Skelton did? Or is she just stacked at the minute and wants to relieve herself of some pressure, and continue her tasks when she gets home from work? Only Sandra knows.

However, regardless of her intention what the Morrisons ruling has indicated is an employer is ultimately responsible for the data which they hold. So whether Sandra posts the details online maliciously, or perhaps loses the USB on her way home, she is a risk to that organisation.  

But what if the organisation could stop Sandra before she downloads the details onto a USB? Or get some context as to what she is trying to achieve? Has she changed the name of the file she has downloaded to try to hide what information she is trying to take away? Or has she simply just copied the files across, not aware of the implications of a breach?

In the last 12 months, 69% of organisations say they have experienced an attempt or successful threat or corruption of data. Businesses therefore need to take steps to help them swiftly identify and eliminate risks.

This is where ObserveIT comes in.

ObserveIT is the leading Insider Threat Management solution with more than 1,700 customers across 87 countries and the only solution that empowers security teams to detect insider threats, streamline the investigation process, and prevent data exfiltration. 

Detect Insider Threats – ObserveIT provides organisations with “eyes on the endpoint” to continuously monitor data for signs of misuse.

Investigate with Full Context – ObserveIT gives IT teams visibility, context and irrefutable evidence to streamline and simplify investigations.

► Prevent Incidents – ObserveIT offers real time user alerts, blocking suspicious activities and educating users so they don’t expose you to risks. 

► Bridge Compliance Gaps – With granular visibility, violations can be traced back to specific actions of the user and audit reports can be completed quickly.

So my only question is why haven’t you looked at it yet?