Ryan Davenport

Ryan Davenport

Have you heard the news?

If you’re reading this then the suspense must already have you bursting with excitement…just what is this big news?!
It’s that ESET have launched their brand-new Cloud Administrator!

So, who are ESET?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with ESET, they’re actually the biggest endpoint security vendor I can all but guarantee that you won’t have heard of. ESET are the market leader for Endpoint Protection across Central & Eastern Europe. They have 110 million users across the globe in over 200 countries with over 400,000 business customers. Some of those customers you may have heard of: Honda, Allianz, Canon & T-Com (T-Mobile) just to name a few. You may be interested to know that they’re also currently the only challenger in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant, so watch this space!

And what do ESET do?

ESET pride themselves on delivering endpoint security solutions which offer robust levels of protection from threats but won’t slow down your system resources leaving those for the things that they are needed for most in your organisation. The products that they offer range from their award-winning antivirus software right through to their market leading encryption solutions. ESET’s Antivirus is also the only solution to win one hundred coveted VB100 awards and for all of you that don’t know, to win this award ESET had to detect at least 99.5% of malware threats categorised as ‘In the Wild’ by the Wildlist Organisation whilst generating no more than 0.01% false positives. They did that consecutively too…one hundred times!

You mentioned a Cloud Administrator?

Ah yes! I’m here to tell you all about ESET’s new cloud offering. As of late I’ve been speaking with prospective partners who have loved the sound of ESET but were waiting on a SaaS cloud offering and ESET have finally delivered! Now resellers and end users alike will be able to enjoy ESET’s Cloud-managed endpoint protection for up to 250 seats which is going to allow reduced IT costs and simplified protection of the network.

The ESET Cloud Administrator gives users total visibility of their network through continuous automatic reporting displayed via a single pane of glass. Trust me as management console dashboards go, this one is one of the easiest to look at! From there, they can drill down and view the current status of all network machines and any threats or quarantined articles. Another thing that the ESET Cloud Administrator boasts is its ease of use. It can be used to remotely manage and configure the end users’ chosen security products on the network endpoints. Here they can create automatic policies and tasks for specific network machines categorised into static of dynamic groups.

So, what’s the best part about the Cloud Administrator?

Convenience. With it being a Cloud solution, the best part is that you can securely access your ESET product via a web browser from anywhere! That means you’ve got your single point to manage your network security wherever you want it to be. It makes it even easier that it can be set up and deployed within minutes! You can save bags of time with automated functions like setup, server clean-up, upgrade and certificate management. Plus, there is no need for any additional hardware and software. All in all, it’s a cost effective, easy to use and convenient solution to protect all your network endpoints.