Ben Barry

Ben Barry

Channel Account Manager

As One Star Sets, Another Rises

7 November 2018

In my previous blog The VPN what’s next?’ we learned that as applications move to the cloud and employees, contractors and partners become increasingly mobile, companies need a better solution than the VPN. Now I present to you the next generation solution, Meta Networks. 

What is Meta Networks?

Meta Networks is the first software-defined enterprise Network-as-a-Service that can securely connect users to data centres, public and private clouds, SaaS applications, and offices, along with the agility and performance that enterprises need. To put it into perspective, what Meta does for network security is what Wi-Fi has done for internet connectivity, it’s what jeans have done for fashion or what Rod Stewart has done for emotive, tear-jerking, love songs. The premise is still the same in that we can still reach the internet, material still covers our legs and words still flow in our ears, but the experience is a whole lot smoother and enjoyable.

Features of Meta:

Cloud native

Meta NaaS leverages a secure cloud overlay over a worldwide backbone of PoPs. The density of the PoPs makes sure the last mile between the user and the network is always short, and therefore enables low latency and stable VPN connections.

User Centric

This network is built around users, not around specific sites or offices. All connections are essentially “always on.” People can connect from anywhere, with any device. The network has native client support for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux devices. Centralized policies of the software-defined perimeter control what resources users can access.


Meta NaaS has been built to support millions of concurrent IPSec tunnels that connect users and applications to the NaaS infrastructure. The network is built to scale out and support any growing amount of traffic that is sent to it. You can add one single user or hundreds of users at once without the need to bring in any heavy infrastructure.

Zero-trust access

Meta Networks zero trust model ensures that:

  1. All users attempting to access the network are authenticated
  2. Once authenticated users only receive policy-based access.
  3. The admin has visibility over the whole network to see what people have accessed or attempted to access.

Easy deployment
There is no equipment to install. Enterprise customers do not need to buy, maintain or manage any RAS or VPN concentrators. It’s simple to set-up and teardown compared to an enterprise operating its own network and saves time and unnecessary risk of creating segregated DMZs, introducing external users to Active Directory and configuring complex firewall.

To Close:

Meta Networks empowers employees, contractors and even customers to connect to the network anywhere from any device safely and securely. The use of global PoPs enables a fast and seamless experience for the end users. Employers can rest easy knowing their remote workers are benefiting from an ‘always on’ VPN connection that only allows workers access to applications and information that the admin permits them access to. When you’re thinking about a fast, secure and safe network, you should also be thinking, Meta Networks.