One of the biggest challenges for agile businesses growing, merging and adapting is keeping track of the constantly changing threats on their network as the perceived boundaries evolve.

In this session, we’ll learn:

  • Why NDR solutions are relevant now more than ever
  • How to protect against network threats and detect and respond to them in real time
  • The benefits of using NDR to combat network attacks
  • What the future of LogRhythm looks like

Hear what the audience said about the webinar:

“Great discussion, covered really well at a level easy for all to follow”

“Best presentation by far, well thought out and in a language we can all understand even my new starters. Excellent Thank you “

“Thanks Distology for the session – very useful”

“Great presenting , good explanation in layman’s terms especially for my new starters”

LogRhythm NDR

Join Chief Product Officer for Distology, Lance Williams for a fireside chat with VP of Sales UK & Europe for LogRhythm, Kev Eley on the importance of gaining visibility to your network and most importantly - how.